China’s Peking duck – review

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Chef slicing Peking duck for the first course at our tablepeking duckPeking duck

China (Dragonhouse) has half-price Peking ducks on Monday nites for 298 crowns and this was what we were going for. We were 15 persons and the plan was gorge ourselves on the ducks.

It was Monday at 7pm and the resto was packed and everyone was quacking away their share. We were quacking ravenous by the time our ducks arrived and we quacked in with gusto. This is how Peking duck should be. OK, the skin could have been a bit crispier but there was practically no fat on it and it was luscious and full of flavour. The pancakes were homemade and still steaming away in the bamboo steamers. This was the first quack course.

The second quack course was shreds of dark meat accompanied by a salt spice that I couldn’t place but it was also quacking delicious. The last quack course was duck soup along with duck bones to gnaw on. This was one quacking soup that I couldn’t stop drinking as it was bursting with quack flavour and I was wishing that I was at home so I could gnaw away on the bones. Good on two of us who weren’t so shy and were enjoying their bones to the quack!

We had ordered some dumplings as well and these were also homemade. They came piping hot and full of ‘soup’ inside. The sauce that came with them had exactly the right amount of tartness and salt!

The atmosphere was very nice and everywhere I looked, the guests, mostly Asians, were enjoying their quacks. Service wasn’t too bad considering that the house was full. The toilet was the cleanest of all the Asian restaurants in Stockholm which was a pleasant surprise.

I would definitely come back here not only for the duck but also to try other dishes.

Peking duck is also available at Oriental Supermarket for 249kr but it definitely isn’t as tasty!

Update: 11/6 The service has improved much since this post. Nowadays, we get hot napkins to clean our hands and sometimes, even edamame. Our usual waitress is a doll!

New rating for service: 4.5/5!

Update: 3/6 The good service was a fluke! We were here last night and the service sucked!!! Come here by 6pm to ensure good service!

Rating for service: 2/5!


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China, Ringvägen 110, Stockholm (metro: Skanstull)

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