Tweak #1 of our chili recipe

By : | Comments Off on Tweak #1 of our chili recipe | On : March 21, 2012 | Category : Contest, Mexican, Musings, Savories

We’ve decided to ditch the tried-and-true approach and go out of our comfort zone. The contest is called the Food Experiments after all so we’re adopting the same spirit 🙂

The tweak: 3 extra ingredients that we don’t normally use and less spice. The result – the best chili we’ve ever made. Now the big question is how the chili develops the day after.

Another question is how far do we want to experiment? Do we go fusion and try to add Asian flavours because that’s our forté but that means that we could fall flat on our faces 😉

Too many questions and too little time left to tweak. Stay tuned!

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