Our kitchen being held hostage by the workmen

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renovated kitchen

renovated kitchen

Yes, it took a long time but our kitchen is almost finished! 6 weeks of eating out (very expensive) or eating microwaveable food (boring).

We couldn’t agree on a colour for the accent wall so it became something extremely bright – neon green!!!

I must say that with this experience of a made-to-order, supposedly good quality kitchen that cost us an arm and a leg, if given another chance, I’d go IKEA without a doubt. I shall not divulge the name of the kitchen company yet as we’re still waiting for a few adjustments but let’s just say that yours truly is not happy! We had to wait 4 weeks plus for a standard equipment, not something made-to-measure.

On top of this, the firm that we contracted to renovate the kitchen had never heard of working 9-to-5. I had asked them about their working hours and they assured me that they start around 8am. In reality, their working hours were between 10:30am-3pm. No wonder they were late by a couple of weeks.

I think that the government should step in and introduce some regulations regarding these workmen. It seems that they’re a law onto themselves and can just do whatever. I had asked around at work and nobody could give me someone they would stand by. Most have had something done at home but the majority were not happy, except in one case where the painter is from the old country where honesty and hard work still count.

So the lesson of the day – DIY – do it yourself! The end result can’t be worse than that of the workmen!!!

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