Things I’d like to learn to make before kicking the bucket

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stroopwafel - caramel cookie waffles

Yep, this is my bucket list of things I’d like to learn to make before the powers-that-be take over! Suffering from a head cold and all I can think about is comfort food! I want some congee (rice soup for all you uninitiated)!


1. Stroopwafels or caramel cookie waffles. I discovered these on a visit to Amsterdam while living in Brussels and couldn’t get enough of them! I’ve found a recipe for it so it’s just a matter of waiting for that rainy day to stay indoors in the kitchen.

2. Pho. Yes, the ubiquitous national dish of Vietnam, eaten throughout the day because there’s no reason not to!!!

3. A knock-me-out-of-my-socks bowl of ramen. Ever since watching the noodle western Tampopo, I’ve gone a bit crazy everytime I hear that word!

4. Lemon tart! Never had this before but all the pics of this dessert look absolutely scrumptious!

5. Mole sauce. I only had it once in Puerto Vallarta but I was sold!!!

6. Bouillabaise. Yep, joined up for a hike in Verdon expecting good food but only got to eat vegetarian! I had never tasted so much garlic in my life! And where was the bouillabaise or even anything remotely similar? Nada!

7. Chinese steamed buns. Once upon a time when I was younger and had lots more energy, I tried making these but the dough turned out tough and chewy! These are my favorites and my parents were pretty good at making these!

8. Vietnamese steamed banana cake. We had the best in Saigon and even hubby still raves about it to this day. This from a guy who hates Asian desserts!

9. Nanaimo bars! This is a Canadian treat that I discovered while in the military. I’d load up on it and sneaked several out with me from the mess hall. I was known as Nanaimo girl 😉

10. Sweet potato fries! I don’t eat potatoes unless they’re deep fried and sweet potato fries are just one notch above the usual. The trick is to get them crispy and this I still have to master but it makes for so many trials and errors and someone has to eat up all the errors 😉

Just 10 items so far on the fly but I’m sure I could think up more given some more time. It’s funny how all my food experiences are linked to mostly pleasant memories. I can’t remember anything without a food element being involved!

What’s your bucket list?

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