Andy Bates’ food stall at Whitecross Street Market – review

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Andy Bates' food stall at Whitecross market

Andy Bates' food stall - buying a Scotch egg

Andy Bates' food stall - buying a Scotch egg

Andy Bates' food stall - smoked haddock Scotch egg

Andy Bates is a TV-cook on the Food Network who has a stall at Whitecross Street Market. He makes modern British fare and his mum helps out at the stall selling his goodies. We had to make it here during our London stay and it was fun chatting with Mummy Bates! She’s a very charming lady and easy to talk to.

Whitecross Street Market is all about food! We were there for lunch on a Thursday and it was packed with long lines snaking around the stalls. There are all types of ethnic food here, from Indian, Mexican, Spanish to traditional British fare! The problem here is that one has to make several trips back to try out all the different dishes as there’s only so much one can gorge on in one go! A plus is that most pubs nearby allow you to bring food into their establishments so that a nice, cold pint goes well with whatever you’re having! 😉

We tried Andy’s traditional Scotch egg and it was definitely a winner – the soft-boiled egg surrounded by a luscious layer of pork and then twice fried! The pork pie was also a winner and one of those would make for a very satisfying lunch although I did miss the jelly layer around the meat. Andy, did you forget to add the jelly afterwards?

We were so bowled over by the food that we went back for the smoked haddock Scotch egg. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a success as the haddock was in hiding and Andy should’ve called this mashed potato Scotch egg instead. Mummy Bates did give us a discount on this as it was a smaller egg. Andy, if you’re reading this, add more haddock please otherwise leave it out of your repertoire!

All in all, a fun experience at Whitecross but it was even more fun chatting with Mummy Bates. Mrs Bates, have fun with your new outfit celebrating the Queen!

Sorry Andy but you’re only getting 4/5 for the food because of the smoked haddock Scotch egg!

If Whitecross Market doesn’t take your fancy, visit Borough Market for some take out food!

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Whitecross Street Market, Barbican, London UK (metro: Old Street, Moorgate, Barbican)

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