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I was recommended this place as having the best pizza in Stockholm. Having been suffering from Joe’s pizza withdrawal, I was happy to try this place out.

We were here last Thursday, one day after their re-opening after the summer holidays so the restaurant was quite packed with the patio full and 3/4 full inside the restaurant. This was at 7pm.

We were greated warmly by the staff and directed to our table. The resto had a nice atmosphere of people enjoying their food. Hubby and I both ordered the house wines, 1 red and 1 white. I was pleasantly surprised that my white wine was quite good, as was hubby’s. Each glass costs 80 crowns, which is normal in a resto.

We shared an order of garlic bread and this was the pits! The whole wheat bread was very thick and barely crispy with a garlic cream on top that was bland in flavour! Worst garlic bread I’ve ever had!

Ciao Ciao Due - bussola pizza

bussola pizza

Ciao Ciao Due - napolitana pizza

napolitana pizza

I had a look at the a la carte meny and was surprised by the price. It seemed a bit steep, not surprising for Östermalm while the pizzas seemed quite reasonable. I had the bussola – shrimp and ham while hubby had his usual, Napolitana – anchovy and black olives. Both were quite huge and the crust was first rate – crispy, paper thin, and a bit chewy. My fear when eating pizza at restaurants is the salt-overdose. At first, I didn’t notice the salt but 3/4 of the way through, I couldn’t finish my pizza because my body couldn’t take any more salt. Hubby enjoyed his pizza but on the way home, he was really suffering from heartburn and tummy ache.

Was this the best pizza in Stockholm? Our tummies didn’t think so as we both suffered from some kind of mild food poisoning.

There was only one unisex toilet in the whole restaurant! Not ideal!



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Ciao ciao due, Karlavägen 8, Stockholm (metro: Rådmansgatan)
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