Camp 14 total control zone

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I saw Camp 14 at his year’s Stockholm Film Festival and it got me thinking, alot! The film’s about Shin dong-hyuk who was born in a labour camp in North Korea. Both his parents were prisoners at the camp who were rewarded for good behavior by being allowed to sleep together. He escaped from the camp, the only person to do so, after hearing stories from a newly arrived prisoner who talked about being able to eat oneself full and stories of food that he’s never heard of before. For him, freedom was the taste of chicken.

As you know, I go to restaurants alot and don’t always clean my plate due to a number of reasons. The portions are too big – seldom, the food not well-cooked – often, or the fact that I’m watching my weight. The latter is really inexcusable! I mean, I could and should ask for a doggy bag or just not eat out if I’m gonna leave food on the table. It’s just so wasteful!

What’s your food habit at restaurants? Do you always clean your plates?


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