Christmas buffet at Villa Källhagen – review

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Christmas buffet or julbord in Swedish is a tradition when most companies reward their employees by footing the bill for an all-you-can-get experience. And so it was in my case!

Villa Källhagen is kind of out of the way, at Djurgårdsbrunnsviken and you can either walk there from the centre of town or take bus #69 there. They have 3 sittings weekdays, 11:30am-14:00pm, 3:30-6pm or 7:30-11pm. We were there for the afternoon sitting and so was everyone else!

First of all, there was a rush of people at opening time and I could understand the staff getting stressed out but there’s no need to be rude or unpleasant when making a path to your station. One could say in a controlled tone of voice that one had to get through or one could be loud and obnoxious which was the case.

Källhagen - hot dishes

Anyway, the lines going to the fish table was long so I decided to have the hot food first. This was very nice. There was the ubiquitious meatballs, prinskorv (mini sausages), Jansons frestelse (Janson’s temptation) and spare ribs. The latter was the BOMB! Tasty, tender and fatty – exactly as it should be.

Janson’s temptation is a classic Swedish casserole of creamy potato and anchovy and this was actually excellent – one of the best I’ve ever tasted! The meatball tasted strange, like there was pickles in it. The green kale was also good with specks of bacon in it.

Källhagen - fish dishes

The fish buffet was the pits! How could a legitimate, renowned Swedish restaurant fail in making homemade pickled herring? There were at least 10 different kinds but all were extremely salty and inedible! I was actually gagging on the salt!!! There was crayfish herring but the dill was missing. The whole point with this dish is the dill which gives it the taste of crayfish but when missing then it doesn’t taste like anything at all. The salmon was fine but kinda bland.

I didn’t try the sausages except one and it was acceptable.

The dessert was the best part of the Christmas buffet! Most of it was delicious except for the chocolate mini-cupcake which was dry and not so chocolatey. I love the little piggy marsipan!

All in all, the food here didn’t deliver! The service was brusque, the herring too salty, the ale too cold, coffee too weak, etc. At 495 crowns per person, it was money down the drain!

The toilet was clean.


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Villa Källhagen, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, Stockholm (bus #69)

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