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Yes, Taste of Vietnam is the name of a restaurant in Stockholm. I’ve been there for lunch twice and thought that I had to give it the Phuong-test by dining there in the evening.

We were a group of 6 people on a Wednesday night at 7pm. The restaurant was empty except for us until about 9pm when late diners started coming in. It seems that this resto is still not known in Stockholm’s gastronomic circles yet and that it earns its keep from the lunch crowd.

I had a quick look at the menu beforehand and was intrigued by the chả cá Hà nội! I was thinking about the Vietnamese grilled fish with massive amount of dill that hubby and I had in Ha Noi. A quick look on the internet revealed a whole article from the NY Times devoted to the 100-year old Ha Noi restaurant serving only this dish. I can’t remember if this was where we had the dish but any resto that boasts of this dish on their menu is laying their reputation on the line so I was planning to order it. However, after questioning the waiter about the authenticity of the dish and the ingredients, I decided to give it a pass and ordered the grilled lemongrass beef and rice noodles instead.

My dish came in a pho-bowl and it was filled to the brim! The beef was tender and was marinated in enough lemongrass so that the flavour wasn’t lost. The noodles could’ve been more al dente and the nuoc mam cham more sweet but I’m being picky. It’s hard to fault someone else’s nuoc mam cham as this is very individual. I prefer mine to be more sweet and sour and less of the nuoc mam flavour.

The rest of the company had the pho and they seem happy with it although I wasn’t happy that the side vegetables were missing.

I was very happy with my dish and can’t wait to come back here to try other dishes. Being in Stockholm, one can’t be too picky so I’d say that this restaurant is authentic enough, being so far away from the motherland.

The toilet was clean


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Taste of Vietnam, Södermannagatan 8, Stockholm (metro: Medborgarplatsen)

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