Taverna Brillo – review

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This is a new restaurant since December of last year in fashionable Östermalm and I guess the atmosphere reflects that. My friend and I were here on a Wednesday night at 8pm and the restaurant was packed.

First off, we came in using the Sturegatan entrance and we missed the hostess station so we wandered around looking for someone to talk to. It took two tries before we found the right place.

We were directed to our table and I must say that the tables were awfully close together. It was hard getting in and out. At one point, our neighbor’s ass was hanging over our food as she tried to squeeze through.

The place was packed so it was very noisy. Don’t come here for a nice quiet dinner because you won’t get it. The whole atmosphere actually stressed me out what with all the noise and the multitude of servers patrolling the floor.

I ordered the lobster ravioli as a starter and the ox cheek as the main. The lobster ravioli was tasteless! The pasta which I assume was homemade was not al dente and the lobster filling was bland – no taste of lobster whatsoever! The ox cheek was tender but the sauce was again bland. The gnocchi was very good as was the mushroom. I didn’t however, taste any truffle.

Taverna Brillo - lobster ravioli

Taverna Brillo - ox cheek

My friend had the gnocchi with sage and parmesan and it was excellent. For the main, she chose 2 sides – roasted broccoli with garlic, cream cheese and parmesan and deep fried potatoes with rosemary and parmesan. These were very good although I couldn’t taste the garlic in the broccoli, which was weird considering that I hate garlic!

Taverna Brillo - deep fried potatoes

The service was surprisingly good for a new restaurant! There was one miss though as they forgot to bring the bill so I had to go search for the cashier.

We had a deal – 50% off the food so it didn’t seem like such a waste of money. Having said that, I wouldn’t come back here. One should be able to relax when dining out and not stressed out because of the acoustics.



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Taverna Brillo, Sturegatan 6, Humlegårdsgatan 19, Stockholm (metro: Östermalmstorg)

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