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Another review of Restaurant week – Aubergine. I’d first heard of this restaurant from their Truffle week in November and was hoping that it’d be part of the Restaurant week and thank God it was!

We, 8 persons, were here at 7pm on a Tuesday nite and the resto was packed. Most of us had the app – baked goat’s cheese with beets, rosemary and honey. I have to say that this was a winner in spite of the fact that I hate goat’s cheese. The cheese was mild for once and didn’t have a strong milky taste which was perfect for a lactose intolerant. If I could find goat’s cheese like this then I’d eat this dish often!

Aubergine halstrad råbiff

Five of us got the lightly grilled beef tartare and three got the fish casserole. The first was a winner – my tartare was a perfect balance between raw and grilled and the taste was YUM! However, two of us did send back their tartares complaining about too much doneness The waiter took them back without a hint of a tantrum which was very service-minded of him. The fish casserole was enjoyed to varying degrees – one loved it, one said that the base was just tomato sauce, and the third was thankful that it wasn’t as bad as the one at Melanders. I’d say that this dish wasn’t a success!

Two of us ordered the dessert and it was described as “full of fat”! Not a flattering nor appetizing description so I didn’t even dare try it although my friends enjoyed it.

The resto is very small and therefore cozy. The toilets were clean and the service was without fault! I had looked forward to ordering the fish casserole on my next visit but now I’m undecided as to whether or not I’d ever return here.



[xrrgroup][xrr label=”Food:” rating=”3.5/5″ group=”s1″][xrr label=”Service:” rating=”5/5″ group=”s1″] [xrr label=”Ambiance:” rating=”4.5/5″ group=”s1″]  [xrr label=”Toilet:” rating=”4.5/5″ group=”s1″] [xrr label=”Value for money:” rating=”4/5″ group=”s1″] [/xrrgroup]
Aubergine, Linnegatan 38, Stockholm (metro: Östermalmstorg)
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