Melanders butik & brasserie – review #2

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The last time we were at Melanders was last year, also during Restaurant Week. We thought that the food was great but that we couldn’t afford the regular price so here we were again, eating out at bargain prices ;)!




The menu this time was toast skagen (shrimps in a mayo dressing on toast) and lobster soup for the apps and fish/seafood casserole and steak minute for the mains. I was going fish all the way so I didn’t have any complaints. The lobster soup was very good but the portion was tiny! First, the soup came in with what looked like crayfish tails in the bowl. We all looked at each other wondering what was going on. Then the waitress came with a thermos of soup and started pouring into the bowl. For all that, the soup should have been hot but it was lukewarm! A big minus for me.



The fish casserole was also served in a similar fashion. The fish/seafood was presented very nicely in a soup bowl and then the liquid was ladled into the bowls in front of us. Again, the soup was lukewarm. The taste of the main was very funky. There was way too much fennel and also a taste that I couldn’t distinguish. I thought that it was curry at first but I wasn’t sure. At any rate, it had a funky taste and not to my liking. The salmon was cooked just a little too long and the white fish, not sure what it was, was cooked into oblivion. A fish restaurant shouldn’t make this kind of mistake. A big no-no!!! Also, of the mussels present in the soup, there were meat in only half the shells! If you’re going to serve mussels, then make sure that the shells are not empty!

One big positive was the sourdough bread and hard bread – they were fantastic!

The atmosphere was very good and the toilet was clean. The service was good on the whole but the waitress did forget my friend’s drink – twice!

So, the verdict is that this is the last time we’ll come here for Restaurant Week! I don’t care how cheap the food was, it wasn’t up to scratch and therefore a waste of my money. Never again thank you!

Restaurant week is a huge opportunity for restaurants to advertise themselves and attract new and old customers! Melanders didn’t do this and they didn’t care about the quality of food that was coming out of the kitchen.


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Melanders butik & brasserie, Dalagatan 9R, Stockholm (metro: Odenplan)

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