Aubergine – review #2

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We had good food here during Restaurant week so we had to come back when I heard of the 50% off the food menu, a great deal. Unfortunately, the portions seemed to have  shrunk alot! The goat’s cheese app that a friend ordered wasn’t as big a portion as the one I had during restaurant week.


The carpaccio was very nice but small when one thinks of the price – a whopping 185 crowns. I was afraid that the fennel would be overpowering but it was braised and therefore very mild in flavour so that the beef could still shine through. The cream was truffle mayonaise although I couldn’t identity it as such during the meal.


Not knowing that they had reduced the portion size substantially, I ordered 2 apps while my friends had mains. The scallop app with 2 measly scallops for 185 crowns, regular price was highway robbery! For this price, I’d expect at least 4 scallops and not 2 – absolutely ridiculous! The taste was very nice and the scallops perfectly cooked but I just couldn’t enjoy the dish to the max being preoccupied with how small the portion was for 185 crowns! Yes, I know that I’m repeating myself!


The creme brulée was very good – creamy but not too rich! A perfect ending to a very frugal, in size of portion, meal. I was still very hungry afterwards!

The food was very good but the portions for the appetizers were very small for the price and even though we had a discount of 50%, I still felt that I didn’t get my money’s worth!

Would I come back here again? Only with a discount but I would never order an app there again.


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