Homemade soy milk

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If you’ve never drunk soy milk before, it’s time to try it out 😉

I love soy milk and not just because I’m lactose intolerant. I love the beany taste of soy. If you love soy milk as much as I do, you need to invest in a soy milk maker. This machine is a kitchen essential for me as I can’t live without me milk! Plus, I can make tofu from the soy milk in a jiffy – it takes 12 minutes to make a batch of soy milk and for my tofu, I usually make 4 batches of the milk, see my post on making tofu.

The soy milk maker that I have is the Vegan Star VR1. This machine put me back 2000 crowns about 6 years ago but it’s totally worth it. This beauty also makes rice milk, oat milk and nut milk.



It comes with a filter in which you put the grain/bean to be grind, add some water and after 12 minutes, you have your milk!

vegan star with filter

The amount of bean is very little, about 100mL. The machine comes with a measuring cup for this.

soy beans


Soak the beans in water for at least 8 hours. I usually do this overnight so I can have fresh soy milk for breaky in the morning.

soy beans pre soaked

As you can see here, the beans doubled in size after soaking several hours.

soy beans soaked

Drain the soaked beans. Place them in the filter of the soy milk maker and fill the maker with 1-1.3L of water. The machine will heat up the water, grind it and after 12 minutes, voila, fresh soy milk! Easy peasy mate!

You can drink the milk as is, add one tablespoon of sugar to sweeten it or make several batches at once to make tofu. Or you can use it as a non-dairy substitute in drinks, eg. bubble tea.

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