Homemade tofu from scratch

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I finally was able to score some nigari in Stockholm (available at Good store in Södermalm) so now I make tofu regularly, at least once a week. It’s a cinch to make tofu from scratch if you have a soy milk maker, otherwise it takes longer but it’s still pretty straightforward.

First you have to make the soy milk. I usually make 4 batches at a time to get enough milk for the tofu but the pictures below are from just 2 batches of soy milk, approx. 2.5L.

I pour my first batch of soy milk into a stock pot. Then I make a second batch and so on. These are added to the stock pot until I have enough.  I then heat up the soy milk to approx. 75-80 degrees Celsius.

heating up the soy milk

A nigari solution is added at this stage (1.5 teaspoons of nigari powder dissolved in 150mL of lukewarm water). Stir gently to evenly distribute the nigari in the milk. Immediately, the tofu starts to coagulate into lumps and the water turns clear. Allow to stand for 5 minutes.

after adding the nigari

The tofu mold is then prepared. Wet the cloth (muslin or double folded cheesecloth) and arrange it in the mold. Place the mold on a good drainage stand. I usually use the steamer basket.

tofu mold

The tofu is poured into the mold.

tofu in tofu mold

The cloth is folded into the mold – just start on one side and keep folding in until all the cloth is in the mold. The lid of the mold is placed on top.

tofu mold

Heavy weights are placed on top to press out excess liquid from the tofu. Here I have a jar of jam at the bottom and a cast iron skillet on top. Allow the tofu to drain for 30 minutes.

weight on tofu mold

Voila! Homemade tofu from approx. 2.5L of soy milk! Piece of cake! 😉



If you’d like firmer tofu, you can make your own tofu press like we did. It works like a charm! 😀
Store the tofu in a container filled with cold water in the fridge. The tofu will keep for 1 week if you change the water daily.
Tofu freezes well but be aware that the texture and colour will change. This is a good way though to get rid of the water content if you want to marinade the tofu. It will be super absorbent then.

Wash the muslin in cold water to get rid of the tofu bits. Dry and store away until the next time.

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