Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – review

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Heston Blumenthal is a culinary genius with 3 Michelin stars to his name. I could go on about his culinary achievements but you could just as easily google his name.

The concept at Dinner is historical food with a modern twist. For example, our dishes were from the 1500’s to 1800’s.

Anyway, as soon as I discovered this resto, we had to eat there. Dinner opened in 2011 and received its Michelin star the same year! We booked a lunch there as they have a lunch menu for only £36. This is relatively cheap compared to ordering a la carte. Anyway, the lunch menu looked very interesting and I was looking forward to the dressed snails!

The resto is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Knightsbridge. We were running late and had been forewarned that not showing up would cost us £50/pers. Not knowing if this fine would be applied when one was late, we hurried along the street looking for Dinner.

We were shown into the resto with pomp and ceremony. Every wait staff we met acknowledged us with a nod or a hello and I was suitably impressed by the reception. We passed by the open kitchen where young chefs worked with hurried/harried motions. Although the resto was practically empty, we were seated by the service station – a minus!

We ordered the lunch menu and the girl asked if we wanted any sides? Huh? Luckily, hubby answered that bread wouldn’t be amiss. The bread arrived and it was the bomb! Talk about artisan bread! This was the best I’ve ever had and those who know me know that I rarely rave about bread!

I had a taste of hubby’s mackerel and I almost wanted to trade his dish for mine! It was that good!

Dinner - mackerel

Grilled Hay Smoked Mackerel (c.1730) with lemon salad, fennel & pea shoots

My app was divine! I normally hate beets but the beets in the dish didn’t have the usual earthy taste and they were absolutely heavenly. The snails were tender but didn’t have a lot of taste. I didn’t know what salty fingers were but they were delicious, a bit salty and crunchy. I would say that this was the most unusual and best app I’ve ever had!

Dinner by HB - dressed snails

Dressed Snails (c.1884) with arsley, beetroot, salty fingers & red wine juice

Hubby’s main of cured salmon was a revelation! The salmon melted in my mouth and had so much taste and it wasn’t fishy at all. He normally never orders salmon when dining out but this first time was a winner! I regretted that I didn’t order the salmon as well :(. I have never had salmon with that texture before and I don’t think it’s possible to achieve it in the home kitchen. I suspect that it was cooked using the sous vide method.

Cured Salmon (c.1660) with monks beard, peas, caper & mussel broth

Cured Salmon (c.1660) with monks beard, peas, caper & mussel broth

While my quail was very delicious, it was no where as nice as the salmon. The whole dish was very nice but there was no innovation and creativity that one comes to expect of Heston so I was majorly disappointed!

Roast Quail (c.1590) with cabbage, onion & smoked chestnut

Roast Quail (c.1590) with cabbage, onion & smoked chestnut

Hubby’s dessert was good but not great. At first, I really enjoyed it but when I had the first taste of my own dessert, it failed in comparison!

Millionaire Tart (c.1730) with crystallised chocolate & vanilla ice cream

Millionaire Tart (c.1730) with crystallised chocolate & vanilla ice cream

My dining experience was back on track when the dessert came. WOW! The buttered loaf had a caramelised crust that was sweet and citrusy at the same time – absolute heaven. The mandarin sorbet had a hint of thyme that just left me speechless. It was to die for!!!

Orange Buttered Loaf (c.1630) with mandarin & thyme sorbet

Orange Buttered Loaf (c.1630) with mandarin & thyme sorbet

We were given shortbread and mousse to go with hubby’s espresso. The shortbread was yummy while the mousse was too creamy. But it was free so no complaints here.


The service was annoying! Hubby kept sipping at his water and everytime he did that, someone would come and refill the glass. Why couldn’t they wait until the glass was almost empty? We kept having to stop and start our conversation because of this. I found it extremely irritating and annoying!

I was definitely come back here again for the lunch menu just to have the salmon to myself and to relive the wonderful mandarin sorbet! If we win a lotto, then we’d definitely come back and try the a la carte menu!

The toilet was first class!


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Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel, 66 Knightsbridge, London (underground: Knightsbridge)

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