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We had a Let’s deal offer – 650 Swedish crowns for 2 courses for 2 persons and a glass of prosecco each. We had a bit of trouble making a booking. Our email wasn’t confirmed on the day of the table reservation and so we had to call them.

We were seated in the front half of the resto where the 2-persons-tables are close together. The prosecco came straight away so we could enjoy that while perusing the menu. I was keen to get the entrecote ribeye, all 320g of it 😉 and the duck liver sliders for the app. Hubby had the black Angus beef, 220g, and the white asparagus with Hollandais sauce as the app.

Our apps came and my eyes just about bulged out of my head. The servings were huge!!! Note that the apps range from 185-189 crowns so the portions were justified! However, I wouldn’t call them starters! My sliders were perfect. A brioche bun but not too sweet with a great thick slab of duck liver in the middle and a red onion jam which perfectly complemented the rich liver.

Zink Grill - duck liver sliders

Zink Grill – duck liver sliders

Hubby’s asparagus was equally gigantic! I had a taste and it was also excellent. After polishing off the apps, we both exclaimed that we were full already! Thank God it took a while for the mains to arrive so we had a chance to digest what we had already eaten!

Zink Grill - white asparagus with Hollandais sauce

Zink Grill – white asparagus with Hollandais sauce

Our mains arrived after a while but the break was welcomed as we had a chance to empty our stomachs. My entrecote ribeye was huge. I was expecting half of the steak to be fatty tissues but it was actually very little that wasn’t eaten up so I was one happy diner. The meat was very tender and almost on a par with AG in terms of flavours. I was forced to choose a sauce and it was inedible. Only salt and nothing else. I had read some reviews before coming here that the cooks like to oversalt and my steak was almost on the border of being too salty.

Zink Grill - entrecote ribeye

Zink Grill – entrecote ribeye

My side was a ruccola and parmesan salad and it was delish. Loads of parmesan and a balsamic dressing on top. Yum!

Zink Grill - ruccola parmesan salad

Zink Grill – ruccola parmesan salad

Hubby’s black Angus steak was also perfection itself – tender and nutty goodness! Hubby had the pepper sauce and it was even saltier than mine. He also agreed that they had a heavy hand with the salt on the steak!

Zink Grill - black Angus beef

Zink Grill – black Angus beef

All in all, we were very happy with the food and the service. Had a bit of problem getting the bill but the resto was quite busy at this time so understandable. I would definitely come back here for the steak but would ask them not to salt the meat!

The toilet was ok. The hand dryer was very new age and extremely powerful. It was like drying my hands under a jet engine with the blue light shining.

The atmosphere here was very good. Exactly what a bistro should be and we had a cozy time soaking up the vibes!


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Zink Grill, Biblioteksgatan 5, Stockholm (metro: Östermalmstorg)

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