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Yup, we had some great food in Bordeaux but also some not so edible ones. As I don’t write negative reviews anymore, let’s concentrate on the great ones.

Le Gabriel bistro was one of those great ones. Their resto has a Michelin star but it was impossible to get a table there so we opted for the bistro option and it was a great decision.


I had the dos de cabillaud – best fish I’ve ever had. Perfectly cooked, very fresh, no smell at all.
Hubby had the tartare and he didn’t enjoy it at all. It was preparé, meaning already mixed and he wasn’t happy with the spices nor the texture of the meat. I, on the other hand, thought that it was the best tartare ever due to the spices and the texture, some of the meat was coarsely grinded while others finely grinded which gave an interesting texture. His carb was house fries and they were the soggiest fries ever. When the waiter inquired about how we enjoyed the food, I replied that everything was great except for the fries. He replied that they weren’t fries but especially made in house and bien cuit, yeah like fried to death and extremely soggy. They were wilting in the bowl when they were brought to the table.
Gabriel's famous soggy fries

Gabriel’s famous soggy fries

The wine was surprisingly cheap for such a fine establishment. We had a bottle of white Bordeaux wine and it was only €15!
The service was very good except for the snotty remark about the fries. We didn’t understand why they were so proud of their soggy fries!
It was kinda quiet in the restaurant, about half empty so there wasn’t much of an atmosphere.
All in all, a good establishment and one that I’d definitely go back to if I live in Bordeaux!


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Le Gabriel, 10 Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux France
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