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Waipo is almost a year old and I found some mixed reviews on the Internet. Nevertheless, I was determined to eat there as Bookatable had a deal, 5 dishes for 295 crowns.

I had scoped out the dishes that had gotten good reviews so I knew what I wanted to order: 2x duck, gambas, shiitake and mapo tofu. The first was exactly as described. Crispy duck with szechuan spices. It met all expectations. Unfortunately, the portion was a bit too big so twice that amount almost knocked me out!


The gambas wrapped in sweet potato was fantastic! I’ve never seen bigger shrimps except when we were in Boston. Holy shrimps! I didn’t taste any wasabi which was supposed to be present and would have added a nice zing to the whole dish but I nevertheless enjoyed the dish without!


The mapo tofu was a bit of a let down. There was supposed to be some ground meat there somewhere but I couldn’t see it. The dish was a bit bland and to this day, I still don’t know what a good mapo tofu should taste like. I know that the version I make at home is very different from this! Since I judge how authentic a Chinese restaurang is by this dish, I have to be especially harsh in my judgement and this dish brought down the mark somewhat!


My fifth dish was the shiitake mushroom dish. This was quite nice and although there wasn’t much shiitake in the dish, it did have alot of button mushroom as well as tiny straw mushrooms and I absolutely adore the latter so no complaints here.


Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day they had the deal but I’ll definitely come back here for the duck. I think that 2-3 dishes would be enough as the portions were quite generous. Hurrah for this find, especially since the resto is located in the turist part of Drottninggatan! It comes very close to my idea of authentic Chinese cuisine!

I visited the handicapped toilet and it was quite clean.

The atmosphere was not too bad and the resto was 2/3 full.


[xrrgroup][xrr label=”Food:” rating=”4.25/5″ group=”s1″][xrr label=”Service:” rating=”4/5″ group=”s1″] [xrr label=”Ambiance:” rating=”4/5″ group=”s1″]   [xrr label=”Value for money:” rating=”5/5″ group=”s1″]   [xrr label=”Toilet:” rating=”4.5/5″ group=”s1″]  [/xrrgroup]

Waipo, Drottninggatan 25, Stockholm (underground: T-centralen)

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  1. posted by gastronomictravels on February 4, 2014

    Apparently the deal is still on, until 24th March! Go and fill your tummies as it’s a great deal! Choose your dishes wisely however! 🙂