Mathias Dahlgren’s food truck

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Mathias Dahlgren food truck

Yep, you heard right. For this week only, Mathias is serving lunch in his food truck as part of Street Food by Diner’s Club promotion. Curious? Read on!

Mathias Dahlgren food truck

For those not in the know, Mathias Dahlgren’s resto is the only one in Stockholm with 2 Michelin stars. Thus, I had high expectations of his cooking. Alas, they weren’t met! Given that his menu was based on his Grandma Alice’s food when he was growing up, this was a major disaster. Where to start? Let’s look at the menu below:

Kokt högrev i pepparrotssås med purjolök, kokt potatis, hackad persilja.
Rårivna ekologiska morötter.
Ett svenskt äpple i säsong.
Mjuk pepparkaka med lingon.

The menu seems to be disjointed and cobbled together without any afterthought.  Where does the apple fit into the picture? The food doesn’t really fit the season as it seems to be more winter hearty food! It needed alot of modernising and alot more flavours to make it a success!

The main was bleh, very boring. The meat wasn’t falling apart – I still had to use my knife to cut into bite size pieces. The sauce was ok but the leeks were mediocre. Not a lot of taste and I didn’t get alot of parsley either. The portion was very small for the main while the mound of carrots were ginormous! It got tiring chewing through the carrots and a dressing would’ve made it better.

Mathias Dahlgren - mjuk pepparkaka med lingon

After the small portion of the main, I was still ravenous and ready to tackle the dessert. Maybe because I was still so hungry, the spiced cake tasted wonderful! I couldn’t stop raving about it! It was very moist inside and I like the fact that it wasn’t too sweet!

The meal came to 100kr if you have Diner’s card, otherwise 125kr! It was very expensive for the mediocre food that was served!

Would I eat Mathias Dahlgren’s food again? Absolutely, but only in his restaurant and not some temporary venture of his!

Mathias Dahlgren food truck, Skeppsbron

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