Volt restaurant – review

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Photo by Maria Swärd

We were at Volt last Friday, the same day that the review by Jonas Cramby was published in Stockholm’s Metro. I don’t know if this accounted for the restaurant being quite full or if it was a Friday night. The clientele was a mix of young and old. Onto the food then! 😉

There are only 2 ways to eat at Volt – less or more. By this I meant that you could choose the 4-course menu or the 6. We went for the 4 courses for 550 crowns as we weren’t sure of the portion size. It turned out perfect!


We were served homemade chips with a mushroom dip that was amazing! The chips were quite funky looking. In fact, the word “funky” was applied throughout the evening and unfortunately, in a negative way. The wine pairings were a total flop and they all tasted FUNKY!

Photo by Maria Swärd

Next came the homemade bread with mushroom topping. The mushroom didn’t taste much but the half bun of freshly baked bread was heavenly! Crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. I could’ve eaten a whole bun! I appreciated the fact that I got butter instead of sour cream because of my lactose intolerance. The wine here was forgettable.


The next dish was the best of the evening – mackerel, cucumber, agretti. The mackerel was lightly pickled and the cucumber sauce had an intense cucumber flavour which was amazing! This from a cucumber non-eater! It was the first time I had agretti and I loved it.

Photo by Maria Swärd

The second course was the beef tartare. Although the beef was very tender and nice, I couldn’t place the earthy taste of the dish. Could it be the juniper or the tarragon? The wine pairing for this dish was a total disaster! Extremely funky, moldy tasting wine! It looked more like a rosé and the taste was indescribably bad!

Photo by Maria Swärd

The presentation for the third course, the guinea fowl, was spectacular! The leg came with the foot still attached and it looked wonderful. The elderflower didn’t added much to the dish but I really enjoyed the celeriac. This was also my favorite dish of the evening.


After this, we were given a cheese course. Grated cheese from Almnäs bruk with rose hip jam. Very interesting although the presentation was quite rustic!

Photo by Maria Swärd

The last course, the dessert, was green gooseberries, milk and fennel seeds. This was exciting in that the taste combination was so unusual. I enjoyed the taste the more I ate even though I don’t normally like fennel! The Tokaj that goes with this was the only acceptable wine pairing for the whole evening!

Photo by Maria Swärd

We were also given a bowl of candy, white chocolate bits and white maräng or something. Very nice!

All in all, a very enjoyable evening when it came to the food but the wine was lacking. I seriously question their taste in wine. I asked how they went about choosing the wine pairings and the waiter said that it was a collective effort. Hmm, very suspect! I really wanted to enjoy the wine pairings but I couldn’t bring myself to like any!

Rating: Food was spot-on 4.5/5

Wine pairing 2/5. Not at all to my liking!

The photos of the bread, tartare, fowl, milk dessert and candy were taken by my friend Maria Swärd. Thanks for the use of the lovely pics!

Volt, Kommendörsgatan 16, Stockholm (metro: Östermalmstorg)

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