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Agrikultur just opened this year and has gotten some great reviews so I was looking forward to eating here. Alas, it was a case of great expectations not being met!

The resto is very small with about 20 seats so it was very intimate and cozy. The service was great and the chef even came out and presented some of the dishes.


This resto only has a menu for those who reserved a table and a few places at the bar (best seats btw) that patrons can slink in and grab a quick bite. We were a company of four so we had the menu which is very seasonal and made from the freshest ingredients. This was  evident in the amuse bouche which was a radish filled with some kind of puree. Very interesting start!


The next course was a soup with cucumber water, some kind of pea and pea shoots. This was very refreshing and the cucumber taste was amazing. Unfortunately, the portion was tiny and this portion size continued for the rest of the menu.


Next came freshly baked sourdough bread. It came directly from the wood oven so we had to wait a few minutes before digging in. The butter that came with the bread was to die to. I usually dislike butter but here, I was dousing my bread with it and to be honest, this was the best offering of the night!


The next course was vegetarian – white asparagus. This was excellent! Like the previous course, it was very refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t notice the absence of meat!



So far so good. Next came the mackerel dish and it was excellent. (It was here that I started worrying about not having a full tummy when I leave the restaurant.) The fish was very fresh and cooked perfectly and the green asparagus and ramsons added to the freshness of the fish. Unfortunately, I found the flowers bitter and didn’t add to the dish at all.


The next course was the meat course – veal. This came with white bean puree, summer cabbage, lemon thyme and crushed, roasted sesame seeds. The smell was amazing and we had been sniffing at the smell of roasted sesame for some minutes before the food came so the expectation was doubly high. Unfortunately, the smell was the best part of this dish. I found that the sauce was too sour although the bean puree was very tasty. Again, the portion was very small and by now, I was genuinely worried that I’d have to fill up at McD’s before going home.


The last course was Swedish pancake, ie. crispy and not like the American puffy version, with double cream ice-cream and rhubarb. The pancake was nice and crispy although a bit oily but the rhubarb was very enjoyable.


The last course was a freebie – very short cookies filled with jam. This also came fresh from the oven and was excellent!

All in all, the evening was a successful although I felt slightly cheated as I was still a bit hungry when we left the restaurant. Having paid 655kr for the meal, I expected to not have to look for food afterwards so this was a Disappointment for me. The meal, although good, was too modern and as you could see from the blog post, I had trouble describing what I ate. Would I recommend this resto to my friends? No, I wouldn’t! I’d rather spend my hard-earned money somewhere else.

I almost forgot to mention the wine. Although good, one glass was 180kr which was way too much.

Food 3.5/5
Value for money 2/5
Service 5/5
Ambiance 5/5

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