Mugitooribu clam ramen – review

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Ramen was the one thing I really looked forward to eating in Tokyo but I had so much trouble choosing which ramen shop to eat at as our first meal in Tokyo. In the end, I decided to go for something different and chose Mugitooribu for their clam chicken broth. This was a wise choice!


The resto doesn’t have a large menu, just chicken or clam or a combo of both which was perfect for us. Upon entering the resto, there’s a vending machine on the right where you put in some money and choose your bowl of ramen. There are pictures so fear not. As this was our first time, we spent some time here pushing buttons with no results until we figured out that you have to put in some money before choosing something. In the end, we got there but it was a stress-moment let me tell you!

I chose the “triple soba of a chicken and dried small sardines and the clam”. This was 980 yens. The soup was light but very flavourful with distinct taste of clams. There were quite a lot of clams in the bowl and these were cooked perfectly with a nice chew to them. The chicken was just plain slices of meat but very juicy. The noodles were al dente and as a first eat in Tokyo, it was a perfect intro to ramen for us.


Hubby had the “specially made chicken soba”, not realising that it came with extra meat and egg, 1080 yens.


We enjoyed our ramens and I’d definitely come back here again for the clam broth.

Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

Mugitooribu, 6-12-6 Ginza (Ginza station, exit A3)

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