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Minh mat has gotten some very good reviews so I was really excited to dine here. A friend and I were here yesterday, Monday evening at 5:30pm and half an hour later, the resto was totally packed! On a Monday night!


Anyway, I wanted to try the grilled chicken rice vermicelli dish – ga nuong la chanh. The chicken was grilled very nicely and the noodles perfect but there was an abundance of large pieces of coriander. I love coriander but I’m not keen on coriander salad! The nuoc mam cham was a bit bland and not enough oomph! I’d have liked more sourness, more chili, more sweet – just more concentrated I guess. It was too diluted for my liking.


My friend ordered the pho bo or beef noodle soup. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a taste but it looked really good. She didn’t drink up the broth so I don’t know if it was because she’s not into broths or it was lacking in some way.



We decided to share the desserts and this was the high-light of the meal. We had the banh flan ca phe chanh or flan with Vietnamese coffee and banh da lon or layered tapioca cake. The coffee was very strong in the flan but this was as it should be. The banh da lon was stand-out as the sauce that came with was very nice – coconut milk with sesame seeds. The sauce could have been thicker as it was too runny.


The service was all right in spite of the full house. It did take a while to get the food. However, we weren’t given the menus to order dessert and had to ask for them. I think that they were trying to get rid of us for the next reservation in spite of the fact that we still had 30 minutes left. Each reservation is 2 hours. In the end, a waitress came with the bill to remind us that we had 10 minutes of our time. Hmm, not every nice.

The cost of dining here was a bit over the top as the portions were too small. Our mains were 185/195kr and I was still hungry afterwards, even after eating the desserts.

I love the coziness of the restaurant and the design was spot-on. The lamps are gorgeous and I love the little window in the wall. There are black and white photos which added to the ambiance of the place.

The food was good but I can’t afford to eat here. Not really true but it really IRKS me that I had to eat something when I got home! Would I recommend this resto to friends? Only to those with small appetites!

Food: 4/5
Value for Money: 2/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 5/5

Minh mat, Odengatan 94, Stockholm (metro: St. Eriksplan)

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