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We were here on a Saturday evening just as they opened, 5pm. The resto is small and the tables very close together. The setup is that one orders from the black board at the cash register and pay later before leaving.


The bread was divine – very light and mostly just crust! They were warm as well and went perfectly with the whipped butter. We thought that we were in for a treat…


A friend and I shared the snails. This was all right although the snails were tasteless.


I ordered the pork belly with pumpkin puree, pickled baby onion, brussel sprouts and some kind of jus. The pork was tender but still way too fatty!!! They didn’t even bother grilling the surface of the pork so it was two slabs of pale, fatty pork! The portion was very generous but for once, I couldn’t appreciate the abundance of food. The pumpkin puree was very sweet and didn’t go well with the pork at all. The only redeeming quality was the pickled onions which were perfect, acidic enough to cut back the fat. This dish needed a lot more work – it seemed like the cooks didn’t thought the whole thing through and just added the pumpkin because it was in season. The whole dish felt very Swedish and not at all French. I would give dish 2.5/5!


I thought that I’d give them one more chance to redeem themselves and shared the brownie with a friend. This is delightful! The brownie wasn’t a brownie, more a fondant but not really. It was just very soft and not at all dense like a brownie would be. The salted hazelnuts were excellent and was a perfect complement to the caramel sauce and the brownie. This dish was definitely the highlight of the evening – 5/5!

One person in our group had the steak frites and he enjoyed it. Another had the turbot and he said that the fish was fine but that the sauce was bleh.

The service was all right.

If I were to eat here again, I’d stick to tried-and-true French dishes and not experiment with anything else. I was surprised at the price as I had expected cheaper fares. They could’ve had more stews like coq au vin or something with rabbit to fit the season. But then again, maybe I’ll just come back here for the bread and dessert!

Food: 3.25/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

The reason for the low food rating is that I normally just order a main. This failed me this evening and I had to have dessert which I normally don’t do.

Cafe Facile, Luntmakargatan 99, Stockholm (metro: Odenplan)

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