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Le Rouge in the Old Town has a special on during October and November – 50% off the food. I’ve been looking forward to eating wagyu as soon as I saw it in the menu, which was about 2 weeks ago (2 weeks of salivating)!

We had a late booking, 8:30 and got our table about 15 minutes later. The restaurant was 2/3 full and it had a good vibe. We all decided to get the wagyu +5 marbling (200g) because of the discount but it was still quite steep – 400kr after the discount! But totally worth it! One person in our group didn’t like it so much as the wagyu had such a mild beef taste but that was the nature of the beast!


The sides were a disaster! I had the truffle butter and so did 2 others but at the end of the meal, we discovered that all 3 portions tasted differently even though the waiter assured us that they came from the same batch. Very strange! It was my first time eating truffle and I didn’t find the taste too strong. Maybe there wasn’t enough truffle in there.


My spinach salad was all right. The portion could’ve been bigger as I didn’t take any carb.


The smoked avocado was very funky! I didn’t like this dish at all!


I had a taste of the fries and they were generic, nothing to write home about!

The potato puree with truffle that someone ordered was a salt bomb. He returned it and received another which I personally thought was still quite salty.

The duck foie gras was quite good.

The service was average. I had to ask for water and one of our party had to remind the wait staff twice before getting his potato puree.


We were compensated with coffee and a selection of the dessert for the salty sides and the suspect truffle butter. They even accommodated my request for lactose free. Kudos to them for trying.

I would come back here for the wagyu only if it’s discounted, otherwise the whole meal is way too pricey. The food shouldn’t have been so salty so I’d have to make sure that they don’t oversalt.

Food: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value for money: 3/5

Le Rouge, Brunnsgränd 2-4, Stockholm (metro: Gamla Stan or Kungsträdsgården)

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