Timmermans 1857 – review

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Bookatable has a deal for Timmermans – 299kr for 3 courses. As there was a lot of choices on the menu and I was in the mood for lamb, we were in!

We were here at 6:30pm on a Wednesday nite and the place was quite packed. The decor of the place is like being back in the 1980’s – quite quaint! The clientele was mostly middle-aged or older and even some of the waitstaff had that worn-out look about them.

For the starters, we had the smoked salmon and toast skagen. The salmon was heavily smoked and quite firm and it went well with the parmesan cheese. Hubby was very happy.


I had the toast skagen which is a Swedish dish with pan-fried sliced of bread, shrimp and crawfish tails in a mayonaise. The toast was quite good and there was enough shrimp there to make me happy.


For the main, I ordered the lamb tenderloin. This was very tender, melt-in-my-mouth lamb. The sauce was very good and the potato terrine was excellent. I was very surprised that the dish was lightly salted as the whole ambiance of the resto breathes Swedish. The carrots and parsnips were also very nice although the tomato wasn’t baked.


Hubby had the beef and it was ok. The meat was a bit tough but it had a nice grilled taste to it. The Bernaise sauce was bland! The sauce for the beef was quite good and the meat was a nice generous portion. The deep fried parmesan potato were bland and not at all crispy on the outside.


For dessert, we had the apple pie and the creme brulee. The apple pie was actually a crumble! Swedes seem to have a problem differentiating pie and crumble. This was the second time in a resto where we ordered apple pie and out came a crumble. And it wasn’t very good either. A stodgy, soggy topping and the apples were dried. The whole thing was microwaved!


The creme brulee saved our day. The sugar on top was correctly done so it cracked easily and the creme wasn’t too creamy.

The service was ok although they did forget our bread.

Food: 3.75/5
Service: 3.75/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4/5

I would happily come back here for the lamb as it was very tasty and tender.

Timmermans 1857, Timmermangatan 35, Stockholm (metro: Mariatorget)


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