Krogveckan 2017

By : | Comments Off on Krogveckan 2017 | On : January 13, 2017 | Category : Musings

Krogveckan or Restaurant Week is coming people! 27 Jan – 12 Feb so it’s actually longer than a week but who’s counting when you’re eating well right? ;-).

Actually, I haven’t been very impressed with Restaurant Week in Stockholm for a while now. A few years back, it was worth it but now, it’s hard finding a top-notched restaurant who’s participating. What’s on offer could be a laughing matter, depending on who you talk to. The menu is usually very slim-pickings and some restaurants don’t even offer a choice, take it or leave it. I think that they should do away with the concept altogether as it seems that no one’s, neither restaurants nor patrons, interested and the restaurants are just going through the motions.

I’ve booked a few places but expectations are low so that I won’t be disappointed. Stay tuned for some Reviews!

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