Pågens surdegskex basilika-oregano taste – review

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I got a coupon for a free paket of Pågens surdegskex with basil-oregano taste thru Smartson. It was a bit hard to find as we couldn’t find it at Willys Veddesta but we finally found it at ICA Åkermyntan.

The crackers are a bit thicker than expected. They’re crispy but a bit bland. The herbs could’ve been more pronounced and for once in a Swedish product, there wasn’t enough salt. Bread needs salt and this cracker is made from flour so it needed more salt to complement the basil-oregano taste. The crackers are quite dense. I’d have preferred something a bit thinner.

Not bad but the paket is 25kr which I felt was a bit steep. I love water crackers so this was a bit different. If the price was a bit less, then I’d buy it in the future.

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