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This week is sportlov for school kids and 39 Wäst has an offer of 50% off on food. Not bad. I’ve eaten at Aubergine review 1, 2, a sister resto, several times and was quite pleased to find this deal. Alas, expectations were not met!

We were here at the appointed time and were told that our table wasn’t ready. Loads of people came in after us and they all got their tables right away. Finally, when there weren’t any other guests, the host turned to us. We got our table and I could see there were a few empty tables so I couldn’t understand the wait. Minus!

I asked about the oysters and was told that they were 25kr each. Fine. We needed some more time to decide. Another waiter came and this time, the oysters were 40kr each. Apparently, these were of a better quality. Again fine. I was in the mood for oysters and nothing was going to deter me, especially not the price. I ordered six. About 10 minutes later, the waiter came back and said that they’re all out on oysters! Seriously?

Anyway, I decided to concentrate on my main which was Asian råbiff, or beef tartare. This was a child’s portion. I complained afterwards that the portion was on the tiny side and found out that it was 130g. This for a full portion? I wonder what the half portion was?

Anyways, the tartare came with pickled veg, which was basically Vietnamese do chua, pickled carrots and daikon. There were some crunchy white bits that I couldn’t identify but I think that they were maybe rice cakes? The peanuts added a surprisingly pleasant note to the dish. The ponzu mayonnaise was awesome. Unfortunately, the amount of chili, sriracha, in the dish was quite strong, which meant that the taste of the beef was completely masked. This dish would be great for someone leery of eating raw meat, since the spicing completely obliterated any taste of meat whatsoever. I enjoyed the dish but not the portion size. What was missing was some fries. I was still very hungry after this.

I was definitely in the mood for dessert to fill my tummy and chose the Caribbean cruise. This had a coconut pannacotta which unfortunately was left out since I asked for lactose-free dessert. I was aware of this and appreciated their effort to accommodate my needs but since it’s so easy to make pannacotta entirely with just coconut milk, I think this was a big miss on their part! Or at least, they shouldn’t have had the wording “coconut pannacotta” on the menu. Anyways, what was brought to me was very good, especially the sorbet!

On the whole, the portion size was stingy compared to the price. My question is whether they decreased the portions since all food items were 50% off?

The service was excellent except for the host.

The lighting in the resto was extremely dark! I didn’t like it at all!

Even with the discount, I still felt cheated by the main. I can’t recommend this resto to anyone!

Food: 3.5/5
Vibes: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 3/5

39 Wäst, Flemminggatan 39, Stockholm (metro: Fridhemsplan)

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