Brasserie Le Pot – review

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I love French food! I think I love it more than Italian food! I chose this resto because of the slow-cooked lamb leg. Have I told you how much I love lamb? Yup, I love that slight gamey, or stinky taste as some people would call it. Lamb slightly pink or slow-cooked – there are only two ways to do when it comes to lamb!

We were here last night, Tuesday, to celebrate the end of our language course. Yeah, now we have our Saturdays back! We were 20min late, hubby’s fault, but I had called earlier to inform the resto of this so we were ready to celebrate! We decided to go for 2.5 courses each. How you asked? Well, we shared the starter which was tartar.

Anyway, our evening didn’t start well. The server who also serviced the bar forgot to give us menus so we had to wait a while but the resto was quite full at 8:30.

The bread and tapanade quelled our hunger. I think it’s a great idea to have tapanade as this is very unusual.

This half portion was 125g of beefy goodness. The meat was very tender and tasty! I didn’t like the strong mustard nor the pickled beets but hubby was very happy.

I had the slow-cooked lamb shank. It was a huge portion. The bean cassoulet was very good and the lamb was succulent and plentiful. Too bad, the meat was a bit too lammy. I love lamb but it can’t be too gamey! The merguez that came with was very tasty and the sauce was wonderful.

Hubby chose the choucroute and he was very happy. I had a taste of the sausage and pork and they were all right, if that’s what you like.

Now came the dessert. I had the tarte au citron or lemon tart which was divine. The raspberry couli I could do without as it didn’t add anything. The tart, however, was perfectly tart and sweet and the filling wasn’t slimy as some lemon tarts can be.

Hubby ordered the chocolate fondant and it came out oozing, as it should be. I thought that it could’ve been 10 seconds longer in the oven but that’s just me. The berry compote was excellent.

Overall, we had a great time there. The food is like Granny’s home-cooked food made with TLC. The portion was huge which I really liked. There’s nothing like a hungry tummy that turns me off the resto. I would definitely come back here for the beef tartar and lemon tart.

The service was very friendly after the initial faux-pas!

Again, we had 50% discount on food due to the Gastronomy Festival from The Fork.

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

Brasserie le pot, Karlbergsvägen 52, Stockholm (St. Eriksplan)

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