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The food feast continues with another resto experience thanks to The Fork. Brinken has good reviews online and the menu looks really interesting, especially with the salmon tartare and 63 degree egg.

The resto is tiny with four tables accomodating about 20 people. They could’ve had a few more tables by the bar area. The tables were quite close together which was a minus!

The service was friendly but slow! By 7pm the resto was 3/4 full and 2 people in charge of both serving and cooking wasn’t enough!

The steak tartare wasn’t available this evening which was really strange. It seemed to be very popular as I overheard several people besides us asking for it. This would’ve helped hasten the service as the whole dish is just a matter of assembling the ingredients!

Most of us in our group of 5 had the salmon tartare and grilled char. The 63 degree egg really made the difference here! It was so creamy and unctious and really lifted the salmon. Too bad the portion was tiny! There were a few morsels of diced salmon underneath the egg and this wasn’t a “mellanrätt”! It was more of a starter.

The grilled char was very nice. Here, the portion was generous and the cauliflower puré was divine! The capers added a perfect touch of salt and acidity.

I had a taste of the slow-cooked pork belly and it was excellent.

Because I was still hungry after the salmon tartare and char, I decided to go for the duck. This was a mistake! Although the duck was perfectly cooked, still pink and the meat was tender, they forgot to season it and the skin wasn’t crispy at all. You can see from the picture that the fat hadn’t been rendered down. The meat was supposed to be marinated with sherry but I couldn’t taste this at all. The pumpkin puré was all right and it helped fill up the tummy.

A mention must be made for the beers. They have a nice selection of IPA and a few other unusual beers. Good on them!

All in all, the food was excellent for the most part. The cooking was very capable except for the duck dish which needs a bit more refinement. The salmon tartare was the star of the night and I’d definitely come back to taste it again.

Food: 4.25/5
Service: 3.75/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

Brinken, Kåkbrinken 14-16, Stockholm (metro: Gamla stan)

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