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Keste Pizza & Vino – review

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NY pizza is a must on this gastronomic trip, as was NY cheesecake. I had read about Keste on Yelp as having good pizzas but this wasn’t the case yesterday. For me, a good pizza has 2 things – great sauce and good, chewy but crusty dough. The sauce at... more

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Pasta 101

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Everyone eats pasta and it’s an essential skill to have, especially when you’re trying to impress a new friend with dinner 😉 What size pot to use? This depends on how much pasta you’ll be cooking. It should be large enough to hold the water so that it doesn’t boil... more

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Prima Cucina – review

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And our dining out experience continues with Krogveckan… Prima Cucina has an extensive menu for the special Restaurant Week which was mainly the reason why I chose it. We were 5 people and the restaurant was one third full. This is a neighborhood restaurant so that might have explain it.... more

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