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Roppongi Seikoen – review

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    We had to try this after Song’s rave review and she was right! Fortunately, Bookatable has a special on – 3 courses for 336 crowns. This is a higher end resto where attention is paid to the service and the quality of the food. We were there at... more

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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

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This is the first ever beer review on Gastronomic travels so please beer (haha) with me but I couldn’t help giving a shout-out to the Best Beer on Planet Earth! 😀 Yes, I was introduced to this beer thanks to BeerSweden! My favorite beer before I had this epiphany was Rochefort... more

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Bibimbab review

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   We had originally planned to eat at Ki-mama ramen but apparently they have water damage and is closed until May so we had to trek to their sister restaurant, Bibimbab. This place is tiny – there were about 20 seats and was practically full at 7pm on a Monday... more

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Peking duck at Oriental supermarket – review

By: Phuong | Comments Off on Peking duck at Oriental supermarket – review | | Category: Chinese, Reviews | Tags : ,

The Chinese community in Stockholm is growing! How do I know this? By the availability of Peking duck at one Chinese supermarket, Oriental supermarket. The reason why Peking duck is so special is because of the skin – crispy, lean (all the fat has been rendered away), luscious and full... more

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Pontus Seafood Bar – review

By: Phuong | 4 Comments | | Category: French, Reviews | Tags : , ,

Our last outing under Restaurant Week. I’ve been looking forward to this menu ever since I found out about Restaurant Week. I mean, who wouldn’t drool at the word bouillabaisse? I’ve never eaten this before but it’s the main reason I want to go to Provence. Enough said, let’s get... more

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Prima Cucina – review

By: Phuong | Comments Off on Prima Cucina – review | | Category: Italian, Reviews | Tags : ,

And our dining out experience continues with Krogveckan… Prima Cucina has an extensive menu for the special Restaurant Week which was mainly the reason why I chose it. We were 5 people and the restaurant was one third full. This is a neighborhood restaurant so that might have explain it.... more

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Melanders butik och brasserie – review

By: Phuong | Comments Off on Melanders butik och brasserie – review | | Category: French, Reviews | Tags : ,

And the restaurant visits continue… I chose this restaurant to try out because of the menu. I still remember the scene in Julie & Julia about boeuf bourguignon. Who could resist French onion soup and boeuf bourguignon? This restaurant is above our budget but since it’s Krogveckan, we had to try... more

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Lucky garden review

By: Phuong | Comments Off on Lucky garden review | | Category: Chinese, Reviews | Tags : ,

We booked 2 tables for 18 pers for 12:30 and it was packed with Chinese families so it was a good indication that the food’s good. Being in Scandinavia, we had to order from a dim sum menu instead of pointing at dishes on carts that the staff wheel around,... more

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Review of Nem Nem Quan

By: Phuong | Comments Off on Review of Nem Nem Quan | | Category: Reviews, Vietnamese | Tags : ,

  We were 8 in the group and had a table for 8pm. Unfortunately, the restaurant was packed (because of Valentine’s Day?) and the service suffered as a result. First of all, they didn’t have enough menus to go around so we had to share. As most of us were novices at Vietnamese... more

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