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Our lunch boxes are prepared with care and with the freshest ingredients, ie. we absolutely don’t believe in dumpster diving! Chicken can be substituted for pork but we don’t make vegan food since fish sauce is an essential ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine so it’s not possible to replace it with something else.

We no longer offer lunch boxes but you can still order the following items.

Here are some dishes that you can order at anytime (minimum of 4 portions/dish at 100kr/portion unless otherwise stated and with 2 days’ notice):

  • Bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich with lemongrass pork or bouncy chicken sausage)
  • Cà-ri gà (Vietnamese chicken curry (soup) with rice vermicelli and beansprouts)
  • Com/bún thit nuong (lemongrass pork on rice/rice vermicelli with all the trimmings)
  • Bún thit gà nuong (warm chicken salad with rice vermicelli)
  • Goi gà (Vietnamese chicken salad with shrimp crackers)
  • Mì vịt tiềm (duck leg soup with egg noodles) – 145kr/portion
  • Goi cuon (Vietnamese summer rolls with pork/chicken/shrimp filling – 3 rolls of 22cm rice paper)
  • Goi du du (Vietnamese green papaya salad with pork/chicken and shrimp)
  • Som tum (Thai green papaya salad with chicken & shrimp and prawn crackers)
  • Grilled chicken Caesar salad
  • Mapo tofu and eggs och long beans on rice
  • 3-cup chicken on rice
  • Coca cola chicken on rice
  • Bibimbap with pork
  • Japchae (vegetarian or with chicken or pork)
  • Shoyu ramen with chashu and soft-boiled egg 125kr/portion
  • Kare katsu (Japanese fried pork cutlet with curry sauce on rice)
  • Tonkatsu (Japanese fried pork cutlet on rice with finely sliced cabbage and special sauce)


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