Gỏi cuốn (summer rolls)


These rolls are called gỏi cuốn in Vietnamese and are very delicious in addition to being super healthy as there is a lot of fresh vegetables in the rolls! Dip them in nuoc mam cham or peanut sauce.

They’re super easy to make and fun to have at a dinner party because everyone can make their own rolls with their favorite fillings. You can basically fill your rolls with your favorite Asian vegetables such as Chinese chives, bean sprouts, Thai basil, coriander, mint, spring onions, lettuce, etc. and your favorite meats such as lemongrass pork, black pepper grilled pork or meats marinated in five spice marinade. If you use shrimps as a filling, make sure they are visible by placing them in the rolls halfway through the wrapping process. Pics to come!

Any brand of rice paper will do except for the Mekong brand as you’ll have to work fast with this brand of rice paper as they soften quite quickly! The rice papers come in squares, rounds, or even quarters. Any shape will do!

If you’re new to making paper rolls, get the bigger sized papers as they’re easier to roll for beginners. 🙂


  • rice paper
  • Thai basil
  • coriander
  • Chinese chives
  • lettuce
  • cooked shrimps
  • rice vermicelli (cook as directed)


Step 1

Wet the rice paper in warm water and remove from the water directly.

Step 2

Place your filling on top and roll directly as the paper becomes soft and sticky quite quick depending on the brand.

Step 3

Dip in nuoc mam cham or peanut sauce.

Step 4

You can make these ahead of time (3-4 hours) and store in an airtight container. Be sure to wet a kitchen paper, squeeze out the excess water and cover the rolls in the container.

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