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Brinken – review

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The food feast continues with another resto experience thanks to The Fork. Brinken has good reviews online and the menu looks really interesting, especially with the salmon tartare and 63 degree egg. The resto is tiny with four tables accomodating about 20 people. They could’ve had a few more tables... more

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La Madrina – review

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Gastronomy festival continues! 50% off food items! La Madrina serves cicchetti or tapas downstairs and upstairs is a small dining room. We ate upstairs and it was hot there! I thought I was going thru menopaus towards the end of the meal after sitting there sweating it out! The server... more

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Trattorian – review

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We were here on a Friday two weeks ago and had a great time! They had a 50% off the food menu deal and we couldn’t resist. Having heard that Melker Andersson modelled this resto after Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant chains in the UK, I was a bit apprehensive about... more

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