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Le Gabriel bistro – review

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Yup, we had some great food in Bordeaux but also some not so edible ones. As I don’t write negative reviews anymore, let’s concentrate on the great ones. Le Gabriel bistro was one of those great ones. Their resto has a Michelin star but it was impossible to get a... more

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steak tartare

Steak tartare

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This was our New Year’s Eve luxury food, made from scratch! I guess we had ...

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La Dame Noire – review

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I had bought a Taste Stockholm card and La Dame Noire’s (The Black Lady) on the list of restaurants participating so we chose this resto as our first “taste”. The card gives you 50% off the main at most restaurants and La Dame Noire’s one of these. Anyway, we booked... more

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Yes, it’s French for American but is also a dish – steak tartare à la mode belgique. Most if not all brasseries in Brussels offer this dish as their house specialty. The more reputable restaurants grind the meat to order. So what exactly is l’Américain? It’s minced beef with condiments – raw... more

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