spicy hot tomato oil
Spicy hot tomato oil

We heard about this sauce...

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  • Tarte_tatin4

    Tarte tatin

    Tarte tatin is like an upside down apple pie and just as yummy! The recipe requires only 4 ingredients but don’t think it’s easy to make as the ...

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  • stuffedPeppers

    Piedmontese peppers

    We discovered this recipe from Simon Hopkinson’s TV program and it looked so good that we had to try it and the taste was amazing! It was made ...

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  • LemongrassPear2

    Lemongrass poached pears

    I usually don’t like fusion food but this is one dish that works! Pears are usually poached in wine but here, they are poached in lemongrass which gives the ...

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  • cinnamon-icecream3

    Homemade cinnamon icecream

    The smell of cinnamon permeates the kitchen when you’re making this dessert. This is one dessert that just screams comfort food! This recipe has very few ingredients but ...

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  • fondant potato

    Fondant potato

    This is such a great way to flavour potatos and have them crispy and golden brown at the same time. We use Gordon Ramsay’s method so there isn’t any waste, ...

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